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Grow Your Business

Discover the power of data and how it can transform your business. Many of the leading high-growth startups use data-driven strategies. Your business can benefit from those same approaches! Each session is 30 minutes and free! Join me and discover how awesome 2020 can be for your business!
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Час и място

13.01.2020 г., 16:00 ч. Гринуич – 17.01.2020 г., 16:30 ч. Гринуич
Zoom Online

За събитието

 Day 1 — What’s Your Story? (30 minutes)

What is the story that you tell about you and your business? What is its reason for existence? How do you know if your story resonates with your customers? What do you measure to ensure that your business's story lays the groundwork for growth.

Day 2 — What Are You Measuring? (30 minutes)

How do you determine the right measures (aka metrics) for your business? What do you want to achieve and what is the best way to measure your progress?

Day 3 — Do you know your key business processes for growth? (30 minutes)

The key processes that grow a business are different for individual companies. Again, your key processes for business success are driven by what you want to achieve. How do you measure your processes and design them for continuous improvement?

Day 4 — When Should You Ignore Data? (30 minutes)

Do you know the difference between incremental improvement and innovation? Creative ideas that are implemented into an innovative product or process or service often require leaps of faith in your idea. However after implementation, it’s different story!

Day 5 — Pulling it Together! (30 minutes)

Stories, processes, and data — oh my! Let’s discuss how we put these components together in a framework that provides repeatable success for driving your business strategy.

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